SPRING PROGRAM | Chicago-Lake Geneva: 1 100-Year Road Trip

When automobiles first came on the market and you wanted to go somewhere, how did you find your way? Wilbert Stroeve of the Chicago Map Society will present a program on driving from Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, by using an early book of photographs! (And they came right through Antioch!)

In 1905 Homer Sargent Michaels, an automobile agent based in Chicago, developed an unusual solution to one of the thorniest problems facing early motorists: how to find one’s way from one city to another along the poorly marked rural roads of the time. Michaels’s solution was to take photographs of every major intersection or turning point along a given route. The resulting books—ancestors of today’s digital in-car navigation systems—were remarkably useful, but few copies survive.

The journey was recreated by the Chicago Map Society in 2005 in a 1905 Clement-Bayard touring car like the one in the photo. This is their story and the photographs of then and now! Quite an experience!

Join us on the trip. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND (you do not have to be a member of the society), ADMISSION IS FREE.

There will be a brief meeting of the Lakes Region Historical Society before the program begins. For additional information, please contact us: info@antiochhistory.org. Join us, it should be a WILD RIDE!


Apr 28 2024


1:30 pm


Antioch Senior Center
817 Holbrook, Antioch IL 60002